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About the academy

Leading sports trading research & instruction

About us

If you are looking for expert advice from people who have been in the market since it was conceived and who are willing to risk their own money in the markets, then you have arrived at the right place.

For us, advanced use of sports exchanges is not an opportunity for a neat marketing angle, they are a way of life! Since betting exchanges were born we have been exploring all facets of the markets and putting that knowledge to use. Because we have been in the market since they were created we have accumulated an unparalleled amount of data and knowledge. Through the many changes that have occurred over the years, we have demonstrated not only a deep understanding of what happens on exchanges and why, but practical application of that knowledge.

Our goal is to give our students the knowledge, tools and support they require to help further their capability and understanding of sports markets. We do this by giving you knowledge that will allow you to avoid common mistakes and increase your depth of understanding to highlight and exploit key opportunites. We  provide you with original methods, key techniques and knowledge that has been learnt from the bottom up from people who have been in the markets since their inception.

All courses are taught only by market professionals who either have a proven track record in successful trading, sports analysis or odds compilation and who are currently successful exchange users.

The opportunity

Advanced use of the betting exchanges has transformed the potential of users since their introduction. Previously it was very hard to find an edge in sports markets but betting exchanges have provided a multiple number of ways to seek an edge in the market.

By using advanced strategies including spread betting in a similar manner to financial markets, betting exchanges have transformed the potential of sports markets to reflect the same sort of opportunities seen on financial spread betting markets. This type of activity has generated opportunities to win whatever the result, even before a sports event has even started!

Who are we?

We are the longest serving provider of advanced instruction on betting exchanges. The academy was born at the dawn of betting exchanges and tutors delivered their first course in 2004. As the markets have matured so has our instruction and advice. Our team include experts from individual sports, financial markets, statisticians and odd compilers and draw on all that experience to deliver outstanding tuition. Since exchanges first opened for business we have been researching what happens in the market and why. Creating models for pricing markets, monitoring how they behave and how they change over time. We possess one of the largest and most comprehensive database of sports and market information. All designed to progress our understanding of the betting exchanges markets.

Who is the academy for?

The academy is for anyone who is thinking of trading or advanced use of sports exchanges. We can put you on the right path quickly and authoritatively, reducing your learning curve and eliminating the need for costly trial and error.

You may consider an academy course if you are: -

  • A sports trader looking to advance their knowledge
  • Anyone with a financial background looking for an opportunity to enter a complimentary market
  • Traditional gamblers who wish to take the next step into advanced use of betting exchanges
  • Just starting out, or a beginner
  • An existing exchange user looking to refine your strategy
  • Trying to understand what you should be doing or looking for some solid guidance
  • Looking for a framework within which to direct your activity on exchanges
  • Keen to understand how successful exchanges participate on exchanges

Please remember participation on these markets require skill and also requires commitment and hard work to achieve rewards. If you feel you have the enthusiasm and energy to make it work, we look forward to seeing you. If you are not sure if this is for you then feel free to contact us for an impartial discussion.

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