Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Should I familiarise myself with software before attending?

Most courses offer generic instruction based around common features. If you are attending a course that is based around strategies and tactics like the 'Masterclass' trading course there will be little instruction on software usage during the day, so we suggest you are familiar with usage of software before attending the course. If you are not a Bet Angel user yet or would like to try Bet Angel we can arrange this in advance. You don't have to be a Bet Angel user to benefit from courses based around strategies and tactics, but there are unique features in Bet Angel which we may demonstrate during the course to clarify the reason for certain tactics.

Do you do courses somewhere other than Hook?

Our training room has been custom built for holding sports trading courses. Each desk has a LED monitor and we have a live sports feed into office. Unfortunately these facilities are not available at typical locations. This is why have a preference for holding the courses as Hook. If you wish, we do have the facility for somebody to come to your home to tutor. This is more expensive than an organised course but is obviously not location dependant.

Do the courses just talk about how to use software?

No, unless it is a software specific course. You will need to be familiar with software before you attend the courses as they are focused on knowledge, strategies and tactics and we do not cover use of software. We do have courses that cover the use of the software so we suggest you attend one of those courses if you wish to learn more about the software side of things.

Do you do any online courses?

We are currently expanding our options to include detailed course which will be available on line education. Please sign up to the newsletter to

Do you run any courses over the weekend?

Unfortunately the weekend is a very busy period for active exchange users and it is uneconomic for them to offer training during these peak periods. Peak periods include weekends but can also include weeks where they are key sporting events. When you are active on the markets you cannot afford to miss these key periods as they are likely to be the bulk of your profits.

How many people are in a class?

Class sizes are usually 6-12 people depending on the course being presented and the time of the year. Mentoring starts from one person!

Can you trade for me?

We can teach you to stand alone in the market and how to search for net positive strategies but we do not offer the ability to trade on your behalf.

During our training you will learn why having more money to use on a sports market can actually become a significant liability and not an advantage. So we recommend you carve out your own niche and work hard to exploit that. You will also learn that there is no need to use large sums of money to succesfully participate in the market. There are perfectly good strategies that allow you do leverage your stakes to achieve significant turnover without the need of significant captial.

We advise extreme caution if people offer to speculate with your money. If you can trade effectively there is no need to borrow or trade with others money.

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