Monday, December 11, 2017

Football Form Lab

football form lab

Football Form Labs are the indispensible betting tools that give you all the insight you need to make more profit from sports betting and trading.

Not only do the Football Form Labs put all the stats from 40 plus leagues at your fingertips, they put them into a meaningful context that you can use to identify more profitable bets.

Easy to use, even easier to win with

Use in-depth Match data and query the database pre match or in play to uncover betting opportunities that bookmakers and experienced punters alike simply overlook. Win more consistently and make more profit with each bet you place.

Put simply Football Form Labs are the most effective betting tool on the market, but you don’t have to take our word for it:

 “Without a shadow of a doubt the best product on the market and one that gives you a real edge Andrew ‘Bert’ Black – Betfair founder

Football Form Labs give you the edge you need to make sustainable profits from pre match betting and in-play betting/trading. Now experience it for yourself. You won’t look back.  

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Access form tables, Key match indicators, Games notes and Top 3 match indicators for a selected game in one easy to use view.

Game Notes to master the +2.5 goals market & more…

Using complex algorithms to automatically scan the form tables Game Notes provide invaluable insight for selected games, which you can use to inform your bets.

Game notes are a powerful way to easily shortlist betting ideas. The over/ under 2.5 goals notes are particularly accurate. Each league has its own characteristics, but Form Lab not only helps you identify these trends, it also helps you beat them.

Game Notes beat the league average for over/under goals in eight out of ten leagues last season. In the Premier League, Game Notes highlighting a +2.5 goals outcome were correct 69% of the time vs the league average of 54%.

These aren’t just ‘sure things’ either. If you placed a £10 bet on every +2.5 goals Game Note suggestion in the Premier League 2010/2011 season, you would have made a total profit of £250!

+2.5 goals is just the start, you’ll find ideas for match betting, handicap betting, Half Time/ Full Time betting and much more….

If you’re looking for a good return, look no further than the Football Form Labs.

There are three Form Labs available with features to suit your particular betting needs and experience. Starting at just £25 per month, it’s an investment that could pay you a significant return - season after season.

No matter what your experience, you can make money from sports betting using Football Form Labs. Put it to the test today. Start your FREE 28-day, no-obligation trial right now