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The Academy is proud not only to be the first to offer quality tuition and knowledge, but also of its reputation for providing high quality courses that help our customers to benefit from the Betting Exchange revolution. We have provided training since 2004 and have carefully refined, expanded and explored how best to explain and advise on sports markets.

The following are comments from people who have been on our courses, they are listed from the most recent courses in descending order.

"I attended your masterclass yesterday and I have to say it was crammed full of amazing information which would have taken me a long time to find out myself (And likely with lots of pain along the way too!) You really did pull out all the stops to ensure our questions / queries were answered.  A totally amazing day and I hope to return again in the near future to build yet more skills once I have mastered the basics." - Martin from Essex

"I did not learn one thing from your course on Monday, I learnt a whole load of things that were completely new and will be very useful in the future. You have made me look at the markets completely differently to how I was looking at them and will now look for the openings to start trading on a particular race." - Martin from Middlesex

"I found the course experience excellent from start to finish. The day itself was great. It's clear that you've invested a huge amount of personal time in getting the course right and the set up is slick. I particularly liked the practical tips and got the impression that these really resonated with the other attendees too. The different strategies to trading were well explained and demonstrated, both live and through use of recorded videos." - Andrew from Maidenhead

The take-away guide is really superb - my new trading bible!Last night I successfully completed a trade on a race at Kempton greening me £12.00 profit. I would not have won this if I had not attended your course as  I now have the ammunition to seek these trades out. I will be looking at the markets on a daily basis and looking for the right moment to make my move."I attended your Master Class Course on 2nd Sept and just wanted to say a huge thank you. I have to say that its the best money I have ever spent!! Finally I now understand how to manage my positions efficiently, and now feel more confident with my trade executions. " If your key objective is to improve your knowledge and experience of the sports trading markets then Peter Webb is undoubtedly THE man to help you achieve your goals." - Dave from Lancashire




The content, and Peter's style of presenting was first class throughout.   It quickly became very clear to me that this guy really knows is subject matter.    The course manual is effectively 13 + years of clear and concise accumulated knowledge.   I am now on my 3rd read and each time a new nugget of information jumps out.
In my professional life I attended a vast number of courses but I can honestly say this has been the best value for money course I have ever attended.  A word of warning .......   have an early night before attending this course,   you will need it ! " - Merv from North Hampshire

"I would just like to say 'Thanks' for a great day last week. I am very grateful to Peter for the vast amount of information he shared with us, having had to learn and understand it all himself without a mentor. I learnt an awful lot from the day and had a few 'aha' moments and things are starting to click into place. The day in general was very well organised and the time just flew by, but what a great day it was." - Eddie from Solihull

"From 1st finding out about BetAngel and the Betting Exchange Academy about a year ago I have experienced nothing but good and positive things. The Software is first class, the Masterclass was brilliant, and the day I spent with mentoring has turned on a few lights for me as to the way I try and learn to trade. On the mentoring alone the friendly and helpful attitude made for a really enjoyable and educational day and the facilities in Hook are great. - Mick from Warwick

"Just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for the trading course you ran this Monday. You are an excellent trainer and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.  I learnt so much, and had so many a-ha moments as a result.

Sometimes I would successfully scalp through to the Start of the race, other times the horses price would suddenly go haywire.  This seemed completely random to me at the time, but I now realise Exactly why the market behaved the way it did.I can already see a difference in my trading. I’m more confident.   I’m weighing up when to initiate a trade and what I expect to happen...... I’m more confident than I’ve ever been that I really can do this trading lark. So a  sincere thank you is in order." - Ross from Nottingham

"Just to say thanks for the course yesterday. You explained the markets and techniques perfectly. Guess what? I made a profit today for the first time because I finally knew what I was doing" - David

"Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how I thoroughly enjoyed your Masterclass. The content was excellent as was your delivery" - Neil from Leicester

"I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for yesterdays course it was superb and I can't ever remember enjoying being in a classroom as I did yesterday." - Mick

"Just wanted to thank you again for a great day yesterday. Your session is really well structured and presented and was precisely what I was looking for at this stage of my development." - Jason from Australia

"I expected alot from this since I did not think Peter would put his name on a product if it was not good. I have to say it is far better then I even expected which is a nice change compared to other trading educators out there." - David from Sweden

"The course was exactly what I expected after reviewing all the great reviews people had left on your site. I learnt a lot about how horse racing markets work and what I can expect to find before I even load up Betangel! It has been over a week since the course and I have been trading fulltime to implement what I had learnt.

Without the solid foundation of attending your course I don’t think I would have not only devised a strategy that works but also to keep tweaking it to get the most out of it." - James from Australia

"The book content was far beyond expectation.....Overall, the course content and pace in my opinion was fantastic......Your training style is great. You spoke eloquently and explained things in a clear and logical manner. It was inspiring....It's the first ever course where I didn't find myself nodding off....I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for enlightening me. Your course has helped me establish where I was going wrong and revealed to me the difference between amateur trading and professional trading. I really didn't expect to have walked away with the knowledge that I now have...It was an absolute honour and privilege to have sat in your presence and I appreciate everything you taught me on that day - Thank you so much!" - VJ from Bedford

"I  had a Great day on Tuesday...I did learn a great deal. I was watching the lads looking amazed, as was i with the course. ." - RM from Middlesex

"Firstly, thank you for the course.  I found the content very interesting and it confirmed many points for me and you also taught me much more!  The proof of the pudding is in the eating and everything you said and explained is accurate as long as you apply common sense.  Your course was delivered in a professional, clear and precise way and I feel much more confident entering the markets.  It was also a pleasure to meet you." - RR From Yorkshire

"I attended Peter`s course this week and I am positively impressed by the quality. The handbook is also great and has in depth answers." - CN  from Switzerland

"I found the course to excellent. I really liked the way you went into great depth showing us the background to how the market works and what moves the price. The manual and hand outs are superb and I thought the whole event was well worth the money. I would recommend the course to anyone who is serious about trading on a betting exchange." - Richard from Peterborough

"All I wanted was an insight as to how you go about your business which, I'm pleased to say, you were more than forthcoming with and to which, I'm truly grateful. I Found the course very enjoyable and I was amazed how quickly the day went. You have given me, and the rest of the class, the tools and the motivation, to go on and make a success (hopefully!) of Trading." - Kerry from Newport

"Monday was an excellent day, lots to take in, but extremely useful information which will help in taking my trading forward. I can see you've worked hard to get to the stage your at today, and imparting some of that knowledge to others is much appreciated" - Leigh from Bristol

"thanks for all the effort and enthusiasm and knowledge you put into the course yesterday.... it was massively enjoyable. Not least because you were very open about your trading turnover,  profits and experiences which was great to hear and just added credibility to the course." - Mike from Hertfordshire

"Just completed studying the course handbooks and materials following last Tuesday’s course. The educational content and clear concise presentation are outstanding. The materials will provide an excellent source of reference for the future. My regret is to have invested significant time and money with an alternative provider before last Tuesday. Not only would I have learned the strategies and trading opportunities provided by your Masterclass were professionally delivered, logical and tradable but I would have saved myself literally thousands of pounds in the process."

"thanks for a superb day i was well pleased, i learn't a lot more than expected and i am 100% more confident in trading you sure do know your stuff. not only was it serious, but i also found the day very easy going."

"The course was invaluable creating many ‘light bulb’ moments during the day. There was so much to take in during just one day that a second day would have been less demanding on the ‘grey matter’! However, the course notes are exhaustive and refresh the day’s content admirably; I shall read through them over and over again in the coming weeks whilst continuing to trade small amounts to develop confidence."

'"Was it value for money". Absolutely 100% yes. The course content and course book have provided me with a lot of knowledge in just a few days. The way you have delivered "the fundamentals" of trading within the course book is priceless! ..... As a novice trader I would highly recommend anyone to attend one of your courses if wishing to succeed in this sector of trading. '

'Brilliant course. Very thorough, so much more in depth than I could have imagined - but then thats why you are so good at trading, you haven taken the time to understand the Markets. You teach very clearly and concisely, and you are a very friendly person on top of all that'

'I found the course very enlightening, thanks for the many insights during a day which flew by. I learnt a lot of lessons which I hope I'll be able to put into practice.'

'Many thanks for the great course yesterday. I must admit I felt a bit brain dead at the end of the day, there's a lot to take in! What a refreshing change to come away from a seminar feeling it has lived up to expectations. I have learned a great deal , and feel confident moving forward with my trading. Your honesty and integrity and thorough understanding of the market really stood out.'

'I found both Peter and the course to be far better than i could have ever thought, Peter is someone who even after all his years of successfully trading on the markets, is still very focused in the way he explains and teaches his courses, time never seemed to bother him, he is definitely not someone who just takes your money and is looking to get finished early, we were due to complete at 5.30pm, but never left until after 6.30pm.' - Joe from Camberley

'I found it extremely beneficial and am working my way through the manual and reading materials - in terms of enjoyment it was the best course I think I've ever attended (bar none! - first time I've held concentration all day!) ' - Alistair from Farnham

"As a teacher, I cannot begin to imagine the hours of skill, labour and vision which have gone into the production of the course book and I am in awe of both your subject knowledge and the attentive manner in which you enabled each of us to gain the most out of today's course. I have never seen a teacher so attuned to the mindset change required to go from 'gambler' to 'trader'. When you weighed up the day's racing I was mystified as to how that was possible so quickly." - Paul from Putney

"I just wanted to send you a quick email to say how much I enjoyed the course on Tuesday. Peter was excellent - a real font of knowledge and advice, professionally delivered in a relaxed and engaging way. I had all my questions on trading answered - and, even better, learnt answers to questions I hadn't thought to ask..." - Colin from Ipswich

"I found it incredibly interesting and informative and now I just have to put in the hours in terms of reading the manual/watching the videos etc. I have always previously traded on the football (with a decent amount of success) however some of things I learnt on Monday (especially the section on "turns")will allow me to take that to a whole new levels." - Geoff from Uttoexeter

"I wish to thank you for a truly inspiring course yesterday, it has made me think in a totally different way. I went to your course with the intention of learning about how the markets move and what to look out for, etc, and although I was expecting a lot from you, I was very surprised just how much I got from it, the course really exceeded my already high expectations. The way in which you explained everything throughout the day made it very easy for us to understand, what with talking us through scenarios and showing us numerous videos. " - Keith from Birmingham

"I would like to thank you for your help yesterday. Whilst I like to think I have an extensive knowledge of horse racing and betting I am happy to admit there were more than a few “light bulb” moments for me yesterday. It felt really good today to actually have a fair idea of what was likely to happen in most of the markets. That is preferable to hoping something is going to happen, that’s for sure. When I work out how to capture and copy the Betfair p and l screen I will happily send it over to you in an email. If you like you can let the guys on the course yesterday know how I’ve got on today. Hopefully some of them will have had as much if not more success than me today. If not then at least they’ll be aware that it can be done by a novice and not just by experts like you!"

"Just thought i'd drop you a quick email to say thanks for the course today. It was great to listen and learn to all the knowledge you have. As i was listening lightbulbs were constantly going off in my head as to where i was going wrong and the ways i could do things better. I was very impressed with the way you not only gave us the information but also showed us practical examples of how to do the different trades successfully. It was worth every penny i paid for the course."

"Just wanted to say a big thank you to Peter if you'd be kind enough to relay on my regards and best wishes. I really cannot believe the depth and content that was delivered for the premium charged for Peter's time. I have been on the odd financial courses previously and their content was inferior by far and cost into the thousands. Needless to say there were more than a few eureka moments!!"

"Your Master Class was of excellent value in all respects. I feel that the Strategies book has been handed down like a Tablet and inscribed on the cover should be the 11th Commandment - 'Thou Shalt Succeed'. Many thanks for passing on your pearls of wisdom and experience, and letting us into the Winners Circle."

"We are now back in Turkey and I wanted to tell you what a pleasant time we had at the course. The big risk in such higher-priced courses, especially if you are traveling to another country for it, is being disappointed and I can happily say this was certainly no disappointment. You did much more than you were required to and we could see you were genuinely interested in teaching the ropes. We'll keep you posted on what's happening on all fronts but I think we will look fondly back to the day we were your students." - Aydin from Turkey

"What an excellent and particularly eye opening presentation today. You were extremely informative, listened attentively to every question and the whole day exceeded my expectations." - Mark from Barnsley

"Thanks for the excellent course on Monday. My win rate has increased to around 70% and the markets look so different, and predictable than before the course." - Barry from Kent

"Just a note to say thank you for the course that I attended on Monday. First of all, it was a pleasure to meet you and be in your company for a whole day! Especially, I would like to thank you for sharing your hard-earned knowledge and your enthusiasm with us. The course content was ideal for me and it left me on a real high - which I am sure everyone else felt too. So very many heartfelt thanks for all that ." - Edward from Devon

"I attended your course yesterday. While I was confident it would be useful it turned out to be ten times better than I expected. The use of the software was low key with the real focus on the market analysis and the selection of the right trading strategies. As the day progressed the information gradually unfolded as in a good suspense thriller. You have clearly mastered how to script and deliver a powerful ,entertaining and highly informative seminar. Furthermore the class warmed to you at the informal lunchtime discussions. Only one word sums it up - Brilliant." - Thomas from London

"Just a short e-mail to thank you for your efforts yesterday. I left knowing that you had given me the tools to be a successful trader. It was great to meet someone who can "walk the walk" as well as "talk the talk" - Bill from Glasgow

"Great to meet you, you have an impressive product but even more impressive is your clear statistical knowledge of the markets" - James from Manchester

"I just wanted to thank you for being so generous with your time and providing an excellent course yesterday. The course highlighted to me that I may have been barking up the wrong tree with some of my strategies and my dogged attempts to predict price movements. It was £400 well spent as I'd have lost thousands on the betting exchanges just to learn a fraction of what I got from the course. I'd be happy for you to use any part of this email as a testimonial." - Leighton from Newport

"I just wanted to Thank you for your inspiring course last Monday. I realised I was a bit of a 'one trick pony' during the day and am now looking forward to putting these other strategies in to place." - Tim from London

"Course was amazing it lived up to my expectation which was quite high" - Terry from Essex

"Just a quick note to thank you for the course last Monday, it was and will continue to be very helpful. Although I have read the (Bet Angel) 'Essential Guide' from cover to cover and watched the videos several times there is nothing like seeing someone demo the software live and of course the extra information you gave out will be invaluable." - Peter from Spain

"Just a quick mail to thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting course on Monday. Yesterday was my first day avoiding any sort of gambling and sticking primarily to trading. I had a starting pot of £200 and hope to make it grow and grow. I traded 10 races and also the under/over 2.5 odds of Arsenal vs Hull last night and am now £25 in profit. Small amounts at the moment but with a lot more practice then over a couple of months or so I hope to turn that in to greater profits and keep going. Essentially would be great to earn a full time living from this :) Thanks again for a brilliant course on Monday." - Andy from Essex

"Just to say thanks for an excellent day and highlighting for me many possibilities. I pride myself on having a reasonable knowledge of both Bet Angel and Trading, but it is quite obvious that I actually new little at all that was important. Although I forgot to bring my questions with me I have reviewed them this afternoon and I am pleased to say that every single one of them was addressed in you presentation, along with plenty of others that I should have thought of anyway. I mentioned a few times during the afternoon about a trading friend of mine and I have told him if he is serious about trading then he must attend your seminar so hopefully he will. Once again, thank you for a very informative, practical and extremely interesting day. I will have no hesitation in recommending your course to other potential traders. " - Trader gray

"Just a quick note to say thank you for having me on your course. I learnt a lot from it, and it was a real pleasure to learn from someone as genuine as yourself, and not just another shark looking to sell some silly ideas to make a quick buck! On that point, when i looked at your course notes, i was pleasantly shocked to see the detail in them! When you said 160 pages, you really meant it! Fantastic! " - Colin from Co.Armagh

"Thanks for the course today, i found it really informative and enjoyed the content and the way it was delivered. " - Peter from Peterborough

"Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your presentation yesterday. I felt it was well presented, targeted at just about the right level and very informative. " - Gary from leicestershire

"Just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the very informative course on Monday. I thought the information provided was invaluable and have already started to see where different strategies can be implemented and where I was going wrong in others. Its very rare to find someone with the knowledge to profit from this business and even rarer to find someone willing to share this information. " - Kevin from Cranfield

"I'd like to thank you for an exceptional course yesterday and also the excellent course material, probably the best £400 I've ever spent. " - Graham from Bath

"Just a quick message to say thanks for the excellent seminar on Monday. I've been busy scalpling to smallish stakes all week and have only had one losing trade." - Dave from London

"Thank you for a very informative and well delivered course. Enjoyable and clearly potentially very profitable. " - Patrick from Cheltenham

"Just a quick note to say thank you for an excellent day yesterday – probably the best value £400 I’ve ever spent! " - Alex from Yeovil

"Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed and appreciated your Betting Exchange Course yesterday. Not only was it full of highly relevant and enlightening information, but I found the manner in which you presented the material to be both enthusing and motivating. Meeting and hearing from an Icon of the trading world was just what I needed ..... I feel that I now have a better understanding of the strategies and tools, together with the pitfalls to be avoided, to maintain a positive approach as I move forward. Once again thank you for sharing your knowledge, and best wishes for the future." - Doug from Poole

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What an excellent and particularly eye opening presentation today. You were extremely informative, listened attentively to every question and the whole day exceeded my expectations

Mark from Barnsley